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FT 8491115
Catalogue hinges and hardware
for glass enclosures :
shower, doors...

FT844 Shower by Capsi
FT842 Showcase by Adler (fr)
FT839 Adslide
FT860 aluminium profiles by Adler VF
FT857 Shower Clip-in-door
FT855 Shower Walk-in
FT853 Shower by Adler VF


CAPSI 90° Wall/gl Hinge – Chrome bronze
on flat wall profile 38x5
CAPSI 90° Gl/gl Hinge - Chrome bronze
Wall/gl Clamp – Chrome bronze
On flat wall profile 25x5
Wall/gl and Gl/gl Stiffener– Polished Stainless steel 20x20

Details of a construction with profiles on non flat walls

REVERSI 90° Gl/gl hinge – Brushed stainless steel bronze
REVERSI Wall/gl Hinge – Brushed stainless steel bronze
Wall/gl and gl/gl stiffener – brushed stainless steel

Details of a construction without profiles
on perfectly flat but non-vertical walls
The lateral glass is trapeze-cut.
CAPSI simple cover
Square-shaped, 30x30, with round groove for easy and effective grip.
REVERSI 180° gl/gl hinge – Brushed stainless steel bronze
It is formed of a REVERSI Wall-gl hinge for profile and a clamp to be fastened to a wall or flat profile.
Also available in chrome version, CAPSI and REVERSI.

REVERSI self-closing hinge on a thin & flat wall profile (38x5)
The hinges are screwed directly into pre-drilled and taped holes. It simplifies their set-up, especially verticality and C to C between hinges.

REVERSI hinge on compensation wall profile
(25 to 32 x 25).
The CAPSI or REVERSI hinge then no longer has a wall bracket. With a thickness of 21mm, it blends into the extension of the solid wall profile made of a Tee. The hinge is screwed onto and a U glued and screwed to the wall in which the Tee slides.

Clamp on flat wall profile (25x5)
The clamp is screwed into the profile by 2 M5 screws at its centre. Very easy fitting and high strength. The clamp fastened to the wall holds the fixed glass panel.

Clamp on wall compensation profile (25 to 32 x 25)
The 57x57 square clamp has the same size as the hinge: perfect homogeneity, pure design, sleek lines. As with the hinge, on a compensation profile, the clamp is screwed at the back of the Tee profile. The mobile part of the profile and the clamps form a complete set.

Charnière CLIP-IN DOOR Without any doubt the smallest hinge on the market, with unequalled resistance too. Developed and patented by ADLER SAS and Saint GOBAIN GLASSOLUTIONS, another extraordinary solution for your shower enclosures: more transparent than ever and with several different construction types possible.

For even simpler constructions, made possible by using non-hardened multi-layer glass panels that allow adjustments of +/- 8mm to the door and +/- 5mm to fixed panels.

And other models too: based on a fixed glass panel at a right angle or a U shape backing against a wall...

Detail of the glass-to-glass connection in a corner cubicle with a sliding façade and a fixed panel at a right angle to it. Simplicity by design, purity of line, efficiency in construction.
View of the track and the edge of the door through the fixed glass panel at a right angle to it. A minimal set of parts for maximum transparency and greatly facilitated maintenance.
The door stop: yet another ADLER innovation! By stopping the door in the middle, the stop is totally effective and prevents any extraneous movement of the door, and any risk of breakage, even when closed sharply. An essential guarantee of safety and of long life of the shower cubicle.

The drip-deflectors. The drip-deflectors are the starting point in a perfectly geometric construction. Their usage determines the aesthetic, the perfect functioning and sealing of the shower cubicle.

Details of a standard construction of a sliding-door corner

The standard finger-hole handle of an ADSLIDE shower enclosure.
A fundamental component: the clip and floor track. This holds the fixed glass panel of the façade in place and guides the door with no vibrations or extraneous noise: the tangible guarantee of higher quality.
A load-bearing sliding mechanism: compact, miniaturised, a concentration of technology for smooth sliding ensuring that the door moves in a perfectly straight line.

The door underneath its two load-bearing sliding mechanisms. Under the track, the “anti-derailing” cogs guarantee perfectly safe use of the shower enclosure.


Details of a standard ADSLIDE recessed cubicle construction

Always in a brushed stainless steel finish, an original construction, in a corner, of a double sliding door cubicle for optimum access despite extremely compact dimensions. Designed here as an assembly of two sliding façades. The fixed glass panel on the right is chrome-plated and forms a one-way mirror: it enlarges very small bathrooms and the space around the basin by extending the mirror over the sink. The other glass panels are Showerguard®, ones, in other words, they have an anti-scale treatment that now has a lifetime guarantee: a must for a cubicle that has to remain transparent without requiring particular cleaning efforts.
Detail of the fastening point for the tracks on the fixed glass panels.
ADLER know-how in installing glass panels. One of the keys to the success of this type of construction.

Details of the construction of sliding double enclosures with flat frames on uneven walls. Here the levelled surfaces of the walls are also used to hide residues of the previous installation: holes, glue, various traces on the ceramic tile

On the floor, a single drip-deflector frame the entire length of the enclosure to attach the tiny “claws” that hold in the fixed glass panel. It offers a complete safety, without drilling through the basin to avoid any risk of a leak later on. An original solution that advantageously replaces the usual rabbet frames: transparency, hygiene, elegance, resistance...
What you see of the lower part of the glass enclosure.
Where possible, the wall frame is hidden by the thickness of the ceramic tile. At full height, the glass panel can be stabilized at the top using a rabbet in the suspended ceiling.

Even in a walk-in, ADLER solution set themselves apart...


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