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ADLER SA offers a new range of 5 suction lifting beams designed and standardized to meet the requirements of most glass manufacturers, in terms of:
• Use: in the workshop or on site,
• Dimensions of handled volumes: from 800 mm x 1150 mm min., up to half-plates in the workshop, or “curtain walls”, for on-site installation,
• Maximum lifting capacity: 350 to 500 kg,
• Power supply: single- or three-phase mains power, battery, or venturi,
• Safety: (see below),
• Ease of use and ergonomics (handling sill, tripod support for vertical position, etc.)
• Handling: manual rotation (picking-up +/- 90°) on console, or for installation, “vertical” pick and place of volumes stacked on consoles, and vertical or horizontal pick and place from/to cutting tables (manual tilting),
• Ruggedness (rugged frame and components, reduced servicing, electrical unit instead of electronic boards which are more fragile, etc.).


These lifting beams are designed to be installed as pendulums under the hook of a lifting device compatible with the overall weight of the load to be handled.
• Vacuum reserve: Used to maintain gripping of the part in the event of a power shortage, for a time depending on the initial vacuum level, and on the part being held. Specifications of European norm EN 13155 have been taken into account for the workshop lifting beam 210 41W with batteries and buil-in charger : 2 vacuum circuits completely independent.
• Visual alarm by vacuum gage: Enables the operator to control the vacuum level in the suction cup system, during a grip operation.
- The RED area indicates that the vacuum level inside the reserve is high enough to allow picking up.
- The GREEN area indicates that picking up conditions are correct. Lifting beam 210 41W is equipped with an extra sound alarm on vacuum lack
- Battery charge (P/N 210 41W and 210 44Z only): A needle voltmeter indicates the battery charge level. It provides a visual alarm. Lifting beam 210 41W is equipped with an extra sound alarm on weakness of battery.
• The suction cup support frame can be manually tilted to switch from the horizontal position to the vertical position (0/90°), and conversely (lay down). In such a case, the user must ensure that the driving load does not get released suddenly. Tilting can be obtained by releasing a locking device, and rotation, by acting on an indexing button without notches. The load must be lightened for these devices to be actuated.
• This equipment should be operated by qualified personnel only, trained to the equipment operation.
• Charge deposit on lifting beam 210 41W only : regarding specifications of the European norm EN 13155 the charge deposit is supplied with a double action control.
These systems have been submitted to fitness for use testing, including a static test (static test coefficient of 1.25 on overall lifting capacity, the load being applied for one hour), and a dynamic test (dynamic test coefficient of 1.1 on overall lifting capacity), involving the various movements (up/down on overhead travelling crane, stop, rotation), in both positions (suction cup support frame in horizontal, then vertical position).

ADLER SA offers to perform periodic maintenance and any repairs needed for your lifting system.
If you wish to perform the common servicing operations and wear parts replacement operations yourself, you can order such parts using a form provided on the last page of the technical manual.




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