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Sales unit :  by the length
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  100 g
   Height   :  15 mm
   Length   :  2 000 mm
   Width   :  15 mm
   Volume   :  450 cm3
Seals and waterproofing profiles
profile deflector adler water drain 13x13mm x1.95m transparent polycarbonate

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profile deflector adler water drain 13x13mm x1.95m transparent polycarbonate

Totally transparent, this water rejection "L" seal combines the properties of polycarbonate and an "ultra-high performance" clear very Hi-bond tape : mechanical strength, resistance to ageing, etc.
In 1950 mm lengths.

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Waterproofing profiles for Epsila range :
The Epsila range of Capsi, Clip-In Door, Adler VF, Adslide and Adlock shower enclosures embodies the Adler research to achieve transparent solutions without seals or frames but watertight in use. The few linings that remain essential, between fixed panels and walls for example, can be obtained simply by pre-bonding silicone profiles on the matching edges of the fixed panels. The finish quality of the installation is impeccable; the installation time is significantly reduced. At the base of the door, Adler recommends bonding of deflector profiles which force the water back inside of the shower cubicle: never use seals, which obstruct the free movement of the door and its very precise closure.