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Sales unit :  by the length
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  1 700 g
   Height   :  27 mm
   Length   :  2 500 mm
   Width   :  21 mm
   Volume   :  1 418 cm3
Aluminium sections: wall, threshold, edge, seal
U section adler vf glass 10mm x2.45m   bss finish

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U section adler vf glass 10mm x2.45m bss finish

Brushed stainless steel

Delivered with a seal

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Adler Aluminium edge section: protection and seal :
Adler develops innovative systems for clip-on and sport fixing of uncoated laminated glass. To protect the fragile edges and form an initial barrier to moisture diffusion in the PVB insert, for example, Adler has designed a very fine adhesive aluminium section for bonding around 55.2 glass. This very fine section contains a groove in which to fit a specially developed seal profile which is used for indexing in the closed position and total waterproofing of a door on an Adlock pivot or Adler VF hinge. This section is also ideal for forming a seal on the free edge of a Clip-In Door without damaging the exceptional transparency of that product.