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Sales unit :  by the length
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  1 550 g
   Height   :  5 mm
   Length   :  2 800 mm
   Width   :  38 mm
   Volume   :  532 cm3
Aluminium sections: wall, threshold, edge, seal
flat section profil capsi 38x5x2800 not drilled  bss finish

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flat section profil capsi 38x5x2800 not drilled bss finish

Brushed stainless steel

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Bandeau vert clair

Miscellaneous flat aluminium sections :
The wall flats 38 mm wide used to fix Capsi hinges to walls which are not flat or vertical can be usefully installed as threshold strips or plinths to start and support the construction of self-supporting structures. With these sections, a frame is made on the floor which is perfectly to size and level and absolutely horizontal and into which the various connectors supporting the partition can be screw fixed directly; the sections are therefore supplied finished but without machining; this can consist simply of milled holes to be drilled at the time of assembly to match the actual dimensions of the installation.