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Sales unit :  by the length
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  5 100 g
   Height   :  25 mm
   Length   :  2 800 mm
   Width   :  25 mm
   Volume   :  1 750 cm3
Aluminium sections: wall, threshold, edge, seal
make-up section clip-in-door 25x25x2800 c to c 1550 & 1800 /stiffener bss finish

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make-up section clip-in-door 25x25x2800 c to c 1550 & 1800 /stiffener bss finish

on request

Brushed stainless steel

Supplied with 1 flexible seal for sealing and indexing and 1 hard seal for Capsi use.

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Aluminium sections for shower enclosures Adler :
For easy, reliable fixing on any type of shower enclosure wall or wall covering, with very low play and without joints or framing sections, Adler has developed a range of aluminium sections, chromed or anodized with a brushed stainless steel finish, each integrating multiple functions: anchorage and retention of sealing mastic on a wide variety of substrates; screw points for the fixings (clips) or hinging parts (hinges); grooves for durable fixing of any deflector, sealing/braking, waterproofing or anti-finger trap sections. These sections are for shimming, then bonding and finally screw fixing after back-drilling the wall and are a simple and effective method for correcting wall flatness and verticality defects. They also mean that clips can be fixed to the tray without drilling it. And the sections, called make-up models, can also compensate for +/-4 mm of play or defect and make some shower cubicle models reversible: ideal for the distribution and factory assembled sectors. The wall sections are designed to take Capsi hinges and clips and Clip-In Door and Adler VF lift-off hinges as standard.