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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  208 g
   Height   :  42 mm
   Length   :  71 mm
   Width   :  72 mm
   Volume   :  215 cm3
Adlock in stainless steel; Adler VF in aluminium
orientable hinge for laminated glass 5-5-2

orientable hinge for laminated glass 5-5-2

Chromed aluminium

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Tube hinges and clips for laminated glass 55.2 Adler VF :
With Adlock, Adler has developed an innovative patented solution which even enable uncoated laminated glass panels to be spot fixed and surface mounted on a stainless steel tube (tube hinge or connector) to form a totally reliable, purely mechanical system. With the tube hinges and clips for laminated glass 55.2, this principle is designed for clipping onto the edge of glass panels: This tightening method is very efficient and can be used directly metal on glass for a supremely elegant design and greater ease of installation. For thinner lamination (44.2), it is possible to install the system using sheets of cork laid in the gap of the clip at full height, the overhang being trimmed with the cutter flush with the clip after tightening. Naturally, these clips, lift-off hinges and tube hinges are suitable for coated glass panels (55.2 or 10 mm monolithic). The double-action lift-off and tube hinges are anti-finger-trap. It is possible to make up as much as 15 mm in the width of a door by controlling the area of glass in the clip. Butt and tube hinges are adjustable to the height of the door.