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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  6 825 g
   Height   :  60 mm
   Length   :  3 000 mm
   Width   :  285 mm
   Volume   :  51 300 cm3
Adlock stainless steel lever handles with or without lock
Double handle stainless steel Ø30; 1951-2950

Double handle stainless steel Ø30; 1951-2950

on request

Brushed stainless steel

Double Handle in stainless steel Ø30 with 2 spacers. Length >1950 <=2950 mm. Custom-built length L and distance center to center.
Screw tightening torque : 20-24N.m.
For order's form to fill in please see under button "sketch". Short lead times. Made in France. See associated items list for other lengths. Remark: for L>=2 m, 3 spacers recommanded. Brushed stainless steel finish in standard. Mirror polish finish on request: extra order under item 70757L.

Attention  To order or ask for a quotation go first to "Customer area"

Associated items list
Bandeau vert clair

Round stainless steel handle Adlock :
Range of single or double stainless steel lever handles Ø20 to 45 mm as standard for doors from 6 to 16 mm (very easily adaptable to doors of any thickness). These handles are available from stock (some standard sizes) or, more generally, are bespoke manufactured: length, c to C distances, additional spacers to be defined by the customer on an order form available to download on our website or obtainable from our technical sales. Short lead times. French manufacture. Standard finish “brushed stainless steel” grain 400. Optional “mirror polished” finish to be added to the order: code 70756K for single handles or 70757L for double handles. Can also be produced in other materials, shapes and finishes.