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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  221 g
   Height   :  42 mm
   Length   :  50 mm
   Width   :  52 mm
   Volume   :  110 cm3
Adler and Capsi knobs for doors and gates
knob capsi square 30 single  Brushed nickel

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knob capsi square 30 single Brushed nickel

brushed nickel brass

The CAPSI range comprises a selection of original square-shaped clips and knobs, all with the specially designed screw cap on the outside face. The ingenious design of these parts makes them very easy to fit, despite their square shape.

Single knob in brass, supplied with pre-cut plastic shims and fasteners for 6 mm to 12 mm glass panels.

Neutral cover under article 646 31B.
 CAPSI product sheet

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Square knob 30 Capsi :
The Capsi knobs are matched with the hinges, clips and stiffeners that comprise this range, mainly for shower enclosures. 30 mm square with a groove to make them easy to hold between wet fingers. A few clever design ideas in these parts make them extremely easy to install despite their square shape. In aluminium bronze with standard finishes chromed, brushed nickel or gilded. Glass drill hole dia.12 mm.