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Sales unit :  set of 2
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  170 g
   Height   :  65 mm
   Length   :  105 mm
   Width   :  95 mm
   Volume   :  649 cm3
The precision butt hinge: Capsi or Reversi
adaptation kit capsi clamp gl/gl.90 x2 aluminium raw

adaptation kit capsi clamp gl/gl.90 x2 aluminium raw


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Bandeau vert clair

Self-closing hinges for glass thickness 8 :
The existing range of Capsi and Reversi hinges designed for the construction of shower cubicle faces in 8 mm coated glass: assembly with adequate stiffness; possible use of special types of glass, for example lifetime antiscale treated; optimised cost. The hinges in this special range represent an optimum blend of the characteristics of the existing hinges and are suitable for shower cubicle doors not generally weighing more than 35 kg. Steel plunger and cam for sharper self-closing; stainless steel bearing washers suitable for doors weighing well below 50 kg; metal shims suitable for 8 mm glass. 2 models: Capsi and Reversi. 3 finishes as standard: chromed, brushed stainless steel finish, gilded. 2 possible mountings: on wall shim section 25x25-33 mm, to compensate for inability to take the dimensions to the millimetre (before tiling for example); or at the back of a Capsi clip to form a 180° glass/glass hinge; or on wall, on flat wall section or combined with a counterplate to form a 90° glass/glass hinge. Efficiency that makes real luxury accessible in the shower.