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Sales unit :  set of 2
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  670 g
   Height   :  67 mm
   Length   :  107 mm
   Width   :  97 mm
   Volume   :  696 cm3
The precision butt hinge: Capsi or Reversi
self-closing hinge reversi saloon wall/gl x2 brushed nickel

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self-closing hinge reversi saloon wall/gl x2 brushed nickel

brushed nickel brass

Wall-mounted return hinge with infinite angle adjustment.
. designed for 6/8/10/12 mm* glass panels
. self closing type : Saloon
. maximum load per pair of hinges: 30 kg
. aluminium bronze product, made in France
. perfectly square front face: 57 mm x 57 mm
* Supplied with a set of pre-cut transparent shims for 8 and 10 mm glass panels.
Cork shims for 6 mm glass panel.
Shims on request for 12 mm glass panels.

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Bandeau vert clair

Self-closing hinges, Saloon type Reversi :
The advantages of the Isodouche Capsi hinge available in the Saloon application: the hinge returns over an opening of +/-90° around the self-closing position, within a limit of +/- 90° around the hinge pin. Such an extensive return over a wider range is naturally weaker: so it should be reserved for lightweight gates and doors typically weighing less than 35 kg. For glass 6 to 10 mm in thickness.