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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  10 g
   Height   :  6 mm
   Length   :  60 mm
   Width   :  25 mm
   Volume   :  9 cm3
The precision butt hinge: Capsi or Reversi
cover capsi adler    brushed nickel

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cover capsi adler brushed nickel

brushed nickel brass

To customise your CAPSI installations by harmonising the various screw cap and parts finishes (bright chrome & golden chrome or brushed nickel & bright chrome...):
- Set of 5 CAPSI screw covers (for 1 double knob and 3 CAPSI clamps, for exemple).

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Self-closing hinges, Isodouche type Capsi Reversi :
A complete range of self-closing hinges uniquely advantageous to use: a patented mechanism guaranteeing self-closing precision to the millimetre at the door end enabling watertight shower cubicles to be installed without seals; endurance tested to 200,000 cycles; extreme miniaturisation (57x57 mm, 2/3 the size of a visiting card!), even for heavy doors of 50 to 100 kg depending on the model; great versatility, supporting glass of 6 to 12 mm, or wood up to 21 mm,...; a self-closing position continuously adjustable over +/- 90°; efficient self-closing over a minimum of +/-30° (up to +/- 45° depending on the dimensions of the door) in the Isodouche version; a fully watertight mechanism. Hinges designed and patented by ADLER SAS, 100% manufactured in France in aluminium bronze, a traditional alloy for ironmongery 2½ times stronger than brass or stainless steel. Capsi registered pattern model, with external screws and customizable cover plates: particularly robust for heavy use or risk of being forced beyond +/-90°; or Reversi model with visible screws on the inside: a minimalist, very clean, square product line. Various finishes.