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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  196 g
   Height   :  25 mm
   Length   :  65 mm
   Width   :  55 mm
   Volume   :  90 cm3
Adler Selection clips: shower and guard
clip with counterplate  A.S. wall/glass 50x50  matt chromed brass

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clip with counterplate A.S. wall/glass 50x50 matt chromed brass

Minimal quantity required

matt chromed brass

"square design" clip for partition with counterplate 50 x 50 mm, with drilling.
For glass thickness 8 to 12 mm. Supplied with 2 Woodscrews and screw anchors.

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Associated items list
Bandeau vert clair

Adler S clips, for showers, partitions, counters :
The smooth and very clean design of these square and very flat counterplate clips allows them to blend naturally with the Isodouche, Saloon and Super Saloon hinges and even to combine with the Adlock tube hinge and handle models in a self-supporting partition. The 5 options make it easy to produce a wide variety of panel structures and fixings in a shower and fixed glass connections in full and regular partitioning, display glazing, counters, sneeze guards with separators etc. For a thickness of 8 to 12 mm.