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Sales unit :  set of 2
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  405 g
   Height   :  65 mm
   Length   :  105 mm
   Width   :  95 mm
   Volume   :  649 cm3
Capsi, Adslide, Adler clips: showers, guards
clip reversi 57x57 to be fixed dia.5,2  brushed nickel brass

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clip reversi 57x57 to be fixed dia.5,2 brushed nickel brass

brushed nickel brass

The REVERSI range comprises a selection of original square-shaped clips and knobs, all with the specially designed screw cap on the outside face. The ingenious design of these parts makes them very easy to fit, despite their square shape.

Shims supplied for 8 mm glass.

Knob : see family 698

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Bandeau vert clair

Clips: Capsi hinges but fixed! :
The large model Capsi clips reproduce the design of the Reversi hinges (smooth outer face, visible screws on the inside) and their dimensions. Used for wall fixing of the fixed shower cubicle panels and also as a clip for a 180° glass-glass hinge, they provide perfect homogeneity of construction for a shower enclosure to give an extremely clean and minimalist overall design. With the same concept as the plates and counterplate of a Capsi hinge and also in aluminium bronze, they offer the same tightening efficiency for panels up to 100 kg. The notches in the glass panels are the same as in the Capsi hinges, which simplifies the overall concept and makes some panels symmetrical if required (an advantage in the case of single face anti-scale treatments etc.). They are available as standard versions in chromed, brushed nickel (brushed stainless steel finish) and gilded. For 8 mm glass as standard. For a different thickness (from 6 to 12 mm), add sets of shims 64666Q, 64667R or 64679D.