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Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  16 g
   Height   :  42 mm
   Length   :  50 mm
   Width   :  52 mm
   Volume   :  110 cm3
Capsi, Adslide, Adler clips: showers, guards
clip  adslide op.8 20x20   aluminium anosised  brushed steel

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clip adslide op.8 20x20 aluminium anosised brushed steel

Adslide bracket, 20 x 20 for 8 mm glass

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Bandeau vert clair

Clips: miniaturised claws for th.8 & 10 mm :
In many situations of installation of shower panels or office partitions, the only function of the clips is to prevent the glass moving perpendicular to its plane. They do not then need to be clips: a “claw” which simply blocks these free movements of the glass is enough. Adler has pushed its pursuit of miniaturisation to the limit and offers the Adslide clip: it is aluminium, chromed or brushed stainless steel anodized, and does not even contain cork or plastic shims; it is reduced to a small 20x20 square. A straight face with very clean lines for the outside; chamfered edges on the inside to prevent the risk of being scratched if case of contact inside a shower cubicle. The claw of the clip is doubly chamfered to allow panels to be installed on edge without a notch, to ensure continuous pressure of the seal on the tray and absolute watertightness. This model can have an integral cam to simplify assembly of a panel - and is then notched - and pressurization of its waterproofing seals in some situations of Walk-in systems or enclosures with sliding doors.