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Sales unit :  set of 3
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  6 g
   Height   :  4 mm
   Length   :  100 mm
   Width   :  60 mm
   Volume   :  24 cm3
Capsi, Adslide, Adler clips: showers, guards
Prestige kit for CAPSI wall/glass clamp, brass chrome    x3

Prestige kit for CAPSI wall/glass clamp, brass chrome x3

According to the stock available

Set of 2 transparent plastic shims and 1 Capsi neutral cover

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Bandeau vert clair

Capsi Clips : range of square clips 40x40 :
The small model Capsi clips have the Capsi screw cover. Small (40x40 mm) and square, they fade to the maximum extent into the background of a Capsi shower enclosure. They tighten very efficiently despite the miniaturisation and enable panels to be fixed to threshold strip if there is a risk of these strips flipping over under the action of a door flag fixed to the vertical of the clip, or due to transmission of these forces by a stiffener. Supplied as standard with cork shims for glass of 6, 8 or 10 (12 mm possible on request), they can be fitted as an optional extra with very hard transparent plastic shims and a plain screw cover (without the Adler logo). In aluminium bronze, gloss chromed, brushed nickel and gilded, as standard.