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Sales unit :  by the unit
Packaging dimensions and weight
   Weight   :  311 g
   Height   :  120 mm
   Length   :  120 mm
   Width   :  100 mm
   Volume   :  1 440 cm3
suction cup lifters
vacuum, Hand-held plastic vacuum cup

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vacuum, Hand-held plastic vacuum cup

Hand-held vacuum cup lifter. Handle specially designed for one-hand use. Suitable to all smooth and non-porous surfaces. Suction cup Ø: 120 mm. Max. load: 40 kg.
Ideal for horizontal handling of glass on a table or conveyor.
Attention: for vertical handling please divide the load mass by 2.

Items of product group 184 are not lifting equipment but manual accessories: they must by no means be implemented between a machine and an element to be lifted. They must be used under human traction directly as handles.

They are excluded from the rules and regulation of EC which apply to machines and equipment (Reference 98/37/EC). As such they do not need to carry the EC stamping.

Please refer to our catalogue to know about maximum loading weight and how to define these values. In case of vertical glass carriage, indicative value for maximum weight has to be divided by 50%.

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